Canadian Commercial Real Estate Industry Mobilizes Support for Ukraine Humanitarian Efforts

The Canadian commercial real estate industry is mobilizing resources to support the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and to ensure that those fleeing the crisis are provided for. REALPAC is collaborating with our Members and other industry associations to make free housing and warehouse space available to government and relief organizations.

Initiatives underway include:

Free residential space for incoming Ukrainians
Sourcing space for volunteer efforts
Collaborative industry response

Free Housing for Arriving Ukrainians

Numerous large, national apartment and multi-family residential owners and operators across Canada have committed to providing free and furnished apartments across the country to incoming Ukrainians.

Participating REALPAC members confirmed at this time include:

We encourage government agencies, policy makers, and relief organizations who are working to house incoming Ukrainians to Canada, to reach out to ensure that these spaces are filled by those in need.

We also call on other real estate owners and operators to explore avenues to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Contact: Michael Brooks, CEO, REALPAC at, 416.418.5855, or Carolyn Lane, COO, REALPAC at, 416.998.6078.

Sourcing Space for Volunteer Efforts

International Legion of Territorial Defence of Ukraine

On February 27, 2022, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, announced the formation of the International Legion of Territorial Defence of Ukraine, a volunteer force that has reached more than 20,000 volunteers from 52 different countries. In Canada, the recruitment is coordinated by Ukraine’s military attaché, and has reached almost a thousand Canadian volunteers.

The efforts in Canada require a suitable recruitment center space to process documentation and to meet and interview interested individuals.

Specifications for the space:

  • A minimum space of 1,500 sf; however, a larger commercial facility would be preferred.
  • As volunteers come to participate in the efforts from across Canada, a location near the Toronto Pearson Airport is preferred.

In addition, as out-of-province volunteers often require temporary lodging, there is a need for residential space to house volunteers. This would also ease the logistics on the part of the attaché.

REALPAC has issued a call to its members to source space(s) meeting the specifications, and encourage other real estate owners to reach out to the League of Ukrainian Canadians if they have suitable assets in their portfolio.

Contact: Nadia Gereliouk, Managing Director, League of Ukrainian Canadians,, 416.830.6753.

Collaborative Industry Response – Webinar

The Canadian commercial real estate industry in conjunction with ULI Toronto and in liaison with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, leaders in real estate met to discuss possible avenues of support for the Ukrainian Crisis effort locally. The primary goal was to mobilize the industry to navigate the myriad of relief efforts and contribute efficiently where most needed.

Contact: Michael Brooks, CEO, REALPAC at, 416.418.5855, or Carolyn Lane, COO, REALPAC at, 416.998.6078, or Richard Joy, Executive Director, Urban Land Institute, at, 416.575.9329.


Charities Actively Supporting the Ukraine Crisis Response:
  • BCU Foundation – Accepting financial donations to help fund shipments to Ukraine which have been donated and stored in Ontario warehouses.
  • CanadaHelps – Compilation of charities working actively to support Ukrainian relief.
  • Canadian-Ukraine Foundation – Taking in financial donations to provide food packages, medicine and shelter to the Ukraine. They have raised $1.62M to date.
  • Red Cross Canada – Accepting financial donations, sharing a variety of resources, including mental health and wellbeing resources, international humanitarian law resources and how to speak with children about difficult things.
  • The Globe & Mail – List of supporting verified fundraising campaigns, including the Government of Canada’s offer to match individual donations to the Canadian Red Cross.

As the requirements for resources become more clearly defined, REALPAC will continue to raise awareness of the various requests pertaining to real estate resources available via REALPAC Members, the Canadian commercial real estate industry, and our stakeholders.

We encourage those seeking resources to reach out to REALPAC.

Contact: Michael Brooks, CEO, REALPAC at, 416.418.5855, or Carolyn Lane, COO, REALPAC at, 647.455.9730.