Representing Canadian CRE to Governments

Our in-house government relations and policy team lead and manage the public affairs in the interest of and on behalf of members.

We provide research-based policy solutions and take a comparative approach, investigating policy best practices and strategies from various jurisdictions and markets.

5 practice areas drive value for our members and the industry:

Balanced Taxation & Financial Policy

  • Finding the right balance of taxes and economic trade-offs
  • Promoting fairness principles that recognize the contribution of the commercial taxpayer

Energy & Environmental Sustainable Policy

  • Managing provincial and national environmental strategies to ensure a forward thinking approach to sustainability
Progressive Land Planning Policy

  • Updating government policies to allow faster development approvals at a reasonable cost
  • Supporting policies that put all asset types on equal footing through the planning process
Efficient Housing Markets

  • Eliminating unnecessary government interventions in housing markets
Effective Capital Markets

  • Determining appropriate policies relating to the regulation and management of funds and REITs
  • Monitoring and building awareness and knowledge of international standards relating to regulation and management of funds, REITs and other industry best practices