MSCI/ REALPAC Canada Property Index Committee

For MSCI/REALPAC indices participants and MSCI portfolio analysis subscribers

The purpose of the MSCI/REALPAC Canada Property Index Committee is to increase real estate market transparency in Canada through independent and comparable performance analysis with investors, managers, consultants and occupiers via the MSCI/REALPAC Canada Annual Property Index (Unfrozen), MSCI/REALPAC Canada Quarterly Property Fund Index (Unfrozen), and MSCI/REALPAC Canada Green Annual Property Index (Unfrozen) (collectively, the Indexes). It is intended that the MSCI/REALPAC Canada Property Index Committee be directed by MSCI representatives.


  • Limited to the licensees, data contributors, and subscribers to MSCI Real Estate Enterprise Analytics services


REALPAC Staff - Michael Brooks

Michael Brooks

Sandra Dos Santos
VP, Industry Affairs & General Counsel