2023 REALPAC Prospective Survey Results


C-suite prospective: Looking at 2024-2030, what is the path forward for commercial real estate investment & growth?

REALPAC’s third annual Prospective Survey represents the vision of many of the leaders of the largest real estate companies in Canada as to what will the industry look like up to 6 years from now.

  • What will employees, investors, tenants, governments, and society expect of us by then? In net zero construction and retrofits? In providing and retaining affordable housing? In attracting employees back to the office? In re-invigorating our downtowns?
  • What changes do we have to start making now to get there?
  • How do we all contribute to a better Canada while maintaining successful businesses?

On Wednesday, November 29, 2023, REALPAC CEO Michael Brooks will present the results from the 2023 Prospective Survey at the Toronto Real Estate Forum and discuss the results with Remco Daal (President, Canadian Real Estate, QuadReal Property Group), Annie Houle(Head of Canada, Ivanhoe Cambridge), and Rob Kumer (President & CIO, KingSett Capital).

The session will open with the highlights and key findings of the 2023 survey followed by an interactive discussion with the three leaders for their reactions to the results, how their strategies line up, and their predictions for the medium to longer term future of commercial real estate in Canada

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